You have my promise we will continue our exemplary track record on your behalf.

   1. Outstanding assessment performance.

Grafton was the only township in McHenry County to surpass the Illinois Department of Revenue's specifications for assessment accuracy and uniformity for all four years during my first term (2014 through 2017).

That performance serves merely as the baseline for the next four years.

   2. Courage leading to township-wide accuracy and fairness.

We don’t play favorites or make deals; equal treatment for all.

 We will continue to fight the system that gives deals to some.

   3. A continued focus on having the most-highly qualified Deputies.

       Our success is based on a deeply-integrated team of experienced professionals        who trust and reply upon one another. You can trust us too.

Thank you for re-electing Alan Zielinski your Grafton Township Assessor!

Alan Zielinski Grafton Township Assessor Ethics.       Education.       Experience.       Empathy.

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