Alan Zielinski: Grafton Township Assessor
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Ethics.       Education.       Experience.       Empathy.

Thank you!!

I was humbled by the voters’ choice in the recent election and am extremely grateful.

My sole purpose in running for office was leveraging my education, experience and empathy to serve the people of Grafton Township. The voters have given me that opportunity to serve.


Although I don’t take office until January 1, 2014, I’m not planning to stand idly by.

  •  Representative Tryon invited my help bringing a Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights to the floor of

      the Illinois legislature so I’ve contacted other appraisers and assessors to gain their ideas.

  •  By the end of May, I’ll have contacted the Grafton Food Pantry to see how best we can utilize the

      contributions starting next year.

  •  Later this year, I’ll be seeking the incumbent’s and staff's guidance as to how we can have a

      completely seamless transition.


My contribution isn’t just about valuation; it includes helping Grafton Township heal and move forward. I’ve already set aside party labels and contacted the newly-elected Supervisor and Board offering whatever assistance I can to help them navigate the troubled financial waters ahead. We share a common goal: putting the past behind us and doing our best to serve all of our residents and taxpayers.

I an deeply thankful to all those who helped. I was blessed with a tireless campaign manager and an extremely insightful and helpful campaign committee. In addition, I was fortunate to gain the backing and friendship of those taxpayers who stood-up and said “How can I help?” Those new friendships were an astonishing and fortuitous benefit of my campaign that I’ll always cherish.

I’m keeping this web site active so residents can keep abreast of the developments that occur between now and the end of the year. Just click here