Write-in  Alan Zielinski Grafton Township Assessor Ethics.       Education.       Experience.       Empathy.

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Ethics: they still exist

Education & Experience

Why keep Al Zielinski as your assessor?

He’s fought for accuracy and fairness since his first day in office (and he’ll continue that quest every single day).

Professional qualifications.

Sense of commitment & civic duty.

A number-cruncher with a heart.

Stick-built his first house and knows his way around construction sites.

Alan believes he’s earned your trust by listening carefully and telling the truth. Candor and mutual respect are the foundation of his personal and professional relationships.

Everyone might not like or agree with what Alan has said but facts will continue to always form the sound foundation for all assessment decisions as long as Alan remains in office. The current real estate market, not deals, will be the basis for a property’s valuation.

Alan has never cut a deal and never will.

That educational foundation was polished with four decades working with and for others in Fortune 500 companies, six-figure turnarounds and entrepreneurial startups.

Having a certified residential real estate appraiser with over two decades of experience as your assessor should give you peace of mind.

94% of Grafton Township’s parcels are residential. Alan invested the time to become certified as an appraiser so he could better to determine a property’s true value. Grafton’s stellar results for the past three years prove it.

Alan’s education and experience, coupled with your trust and involvement, will make sure the number that appears on your annual property tax bill is as close as possible to its true fair cash value.

Alan’s goal will always be you pay only your fair share of the levy.

Copyright © 2017  Taxpayers behind Alan Zielinski for Assessor.  All rights reserved.   Our privacy policy