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Al Zielinski the Human

The following have nothing with my ability to accurately assess your property. They're just a few insights to help you get to know me better.

Some people might not like what they read here but it's a perfect example of my transparency. My hope is you'll respect and re-elect me based on my credentials and eventually find me to be a regular guy on a mission to keep our assessments as accurate, fair and transparent as possible.


West Allis, Wisconsin (a blue-collar suburb of Milwaukee).

Some insights that molded me:

     1. "There is no degree of honor."        Unknown but I think it was Thomas Jefferson.

     2. "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."            Vince Lombardi.

My passions:

Helping the less fortunate (on two or four legs, I work with and serve as a foster home for Samoyed dog rescue).

Doing what I can to increase public sector efficiency including reducing taxes as much as possible without hurting the truly needy.

Belief in a Higher Power:

Roman Catholic and a practicing member of St. Mary Parish in Huntley.

Specific religions and how one refers to their Creator aren't critical to me; it's the way one lives his/her life. For example, my over-arching premise is "Al's Five Minute Rule: live your life so if you get hit by a bus in the next five minutes you're not afraid to meet your Creator."

A great supporting axiom is "Don't do anything that would get you a whuppin' from Mom..."

Campaign Staff:

Michaelene plus Klondike, Igloo, Mickie and Elvis the Fuzzy White Dog Pack.

All are rescues (except Michaelene of course!). Please help expand my volunteer base!!!

Copyright © 2017  Taxpayers behind Alan Zielinski for Assessor.  All rights reserved.   Our privacy policy