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Lie #1: my opponent's attempt to instill fear regarding my analysis

of the assessor office’s computerized mass appraisal software.

"My opponent has stated he's been researching alternatives."


What experienced businessperson wouldn't evaluate all their options?

"Researching alternative programs is unnecessary as taxpayers' have already endured the cost of the software program.”

That's a very scary premise that would never have been made if my opponent was truly experienced in enterprise software management.

The most recent operating system supported by the mass appraisal software is Windows XP.

What does my opponent plan to do when Microsoft stops supporting the XP operating system in 2014?


Was she even aware that pivotal decision was looming?

Is she was, she never would have made her second statement above.

A truly competent and seasoned business professional would never be caught flat-footed like that!

The Truth Next Lie