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Lies #2 - #7: my opponent's outright lies on her web site display the terrifying lack

of a working knowledge of the Property Tax Code,

the McHenry County Board of Review rules and even basic research.

My opponent filed an appeal2 on his residency3 [sic] two years ago. His significant other purchased the property as a Foreclosure during the assessment year (foreclosures are not recognized as 'good' sales by the state and are therefore not included in the sales ratio study). The evidence submitted at the hearing was an appraisal4 prepared by my opponent (which he unethically5 did not disclose to the Board of Review he lived at the property during the hearing). The Board of Review lowered my opponent's property approximately $311,697. As assessor, I would have provided substantial evidence6 to the Board of Review to make certain a reduction of that degree was not granted. That $311,697 loss in value from my opponent's residence was then distributed amongst the other property owners in the township, leaving my opponent paying 'LESS THAN HIS FAIR SHAIR[sic]' in comparison to other property owners of similar property types.7 In addition, the property's assessment was no longer uniform in comparison to homes similar in design, style and location.

Lie #7: taxpayers who appeal are at fault.

The incumbent (who now publicly supports my opponent via his endorsement on her web page) stated that people should appeal because "the Board of Review will give them a better deal"?

How can my opponent reconcile accepting an endorsement from the incumbent who holds that position yet chastise those who took the advice of the incumbent and appealed?

Rather than blame those who appeal, I’ve formulated and championed a Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights that will level the playing field for all Illinois taxpayers. What similar, innovative program has my opponent offered? None.

Taxpayers need someone with a vision for solutions.

They also demand someone with unwavering ethics; not those that suit the moment!

Six outright lies in just one paragraph on her web site.

Is that the type of person who should be put in charge of $1.6 billion of your property?

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