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Copyright © 2017  Taxpayers behind Alan Zielinski for Assessor.  All rights reserved.   Our privacy policy

Copyright © 2017  Taxpayers behind Alan Zielinski for Assessor.  All rights reserved.   Our privacy policy

Untrue attacks

Political "wisdom" says when one’s record and qualifications are exemplary, just attack anyway.

Usually those attacks include baseless lies and that's sad.

“The Board took away your credit card.”

There never was a credit card for the Assessor’s office since Alan took office.

The issue was the Board trying to unlawfully exert it’s influence by not allowing Alan to use his personal credit card for appropriate office expenses just like people in business do every day.

The Board must approve expenditures but the law expressly precludes them from pre-authorizing them.

“You cost the township $25,000 in a lawsuit.”

The accurate fact is the township Counsel cost the township that amount due to inadequate counsel.

That was likely coupled with the current situation: burden Alan with something/anything because Grafton’s performance over the past three years has been outstanding.

The plaintiff could have achieved the desired result by filing a complaint with the State Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor at no cost to anyone (except the opportunity to give Alan a political black eye).

Alan suggested township Counsel call the Public Access Counselor’s office to learn and convey to the court that Office’s position: the requested files and their data are not covered by the Freedom of Information Act because they are excluded by section 5 ILCS 140/7(f) of the Act. No call was made to Alan’s knowledge.

It's what you believe that matters because you will decide with your vote.

Alan has complete faith in the ability of Grafton's voters to see through lies and misinformation and focus on his unblemished character, extensive management experience and proven valuation qualifications.

The questions Grafton residents will answer with their votes on February 28 are straightforward:

  1. "Are your assessments more accurate and fair than before Alan took office?"
  2. "Shouldn’t you decide who will be assessing Grafton’s $1.4 billion worth of property?"

Alan’s sole focus in running for office is maintaining his track record of outstanding accuracy and fairness.