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Assessments = Value

Assessor & Appraiser

Property tax: a major expense

Assessors must comply with the statutes. Alan has worked within those laws to obtain the most precise match of your property’s assessment with its true market value.

Three-year sales ratio studies don’t have to mean a three-year lag in your assessments!

The best of both worlds.

The result: more accurate assessments!

Few, if any, annual household expenses top your property tax bill.

Alan maintains his promise your valuation will always be accurate. This helps you pay only your fair share of the total levy set by the taxing districts.

   1. Accuracy and fairness.

Grafton was the only township in McHenry County to surpass the Illinois Department of Revenue's specifications for assessment accuracy and uniformity for all seven years since Alan Zielinski took office.

   2. Analytical.

Alan Zielinski doesn’t play favorites or make deals; equal treatment for all.

   3. Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Alan Zielinski knows valuation theory and application.

   4. Courage.

Alan Zielinski will continue to fight the system that gives deals to some.

Keeping Alan Zielinski as your Grafton Township assessor benefits you.