10% of Alan’s first-year net salary to the Grafton Food Pantry

Accomplished as promised.

Zero appeals by the end of Alan’s second term

What Alan meant was “zero appeals with a sound basis.”

Experience has shown “fair share” is not as black and white to everyone as Alan understands it.

While most share Alan’s perspective that “fair” means based on market value just like the Property Tax Code says, some believe “fair” means as low as they can possibly get the number by any means.

Alan will continue to do his best to achieve accuracy and fairness for all.

Championing a fair appeal system

  1. Making sure we have the most accurate and fair assessments possible. Our record proves we’ve accomplished that.
  2. Helping you understand why your assessment is accurate and fair.
  3. If necessary, appearing with you before the Board of Appeals.
  4. Keep slugging away to get Alan’s Property Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights to hopefully become law some day.

USPAP-compliant by the end of Alan’s first term

Accomplished as promised.

Grafton Township has the most sophisticated mass appraisal system in McHenry county. It’s sophisticated so it can be as accurate and fair as possible.The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) is a set of rules to which all appraisers must adhere. The Standards guarantee accurate, credible and fair appraisals. Standard 6 deals with mass appraisals and Grafton Township is now compliant and a standard-bearer for other townships.

Treating you with courtesy, fairness and respect.

Alan’s Father’s advice still forms the basis for his daily actions.

Alan wants all encounters with Grafton Township’s taxpayers to be amicable. That can only occur if shared mutual trust and respect exist.

Alan believes serving Grafton Township residents means adhering to the laws of Illinois and, just as importantly, heeding his Dad’s guidance. He never wants anyone to feel as though they’ve been mistreated in any manner.

You have Alan’s word he’ll continue to do his best to earn and maintain your trust and respect.

“Live your life and run your business so you can walk down any street in any city and not be concerned about whom you meet.”

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